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The Pragmatic Turn in Philosophy

Contemporary Engagements Between Analytic and Continental Thought


hrsg. von William Egginton and Mike Sandbothe, New York: SUNY 2004.


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Beitrag von Mike Sandbothe: [zum Online-Text]


  • Mike Sandbothe, William Egginton: Introduction
  • Ludwig Nagl: The Insistence on Futurity - Pragmatism’s Temporal Structure
  • Hilary Putnam:  Philosophy as a Reconstructive Activity: William James on Moral Philosophy
  • Antje Gimmler: Pragmatist Apects of Hegel's Thought
  • Mike Sandbothe: The Pragmatic Twist of the Linguistic Turn
  • Albrecht Wellmer: The Fight About Truth: Pragmatism without Regulative Ideas
  • Arthur Fine: The Viewpoint of No-One in Particular
  • Richard Rorty: A Pragmatist View of Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
  • Barry Allen: What Knowledge? What Hope? What New Pragmatism?
  • Wolfgang Welsch: Richard Rorty - Philosophy Beyond Argumentation and Truth?
  • William Egginton: Keeping Pragmatism Pure - Rorty avec Lacan
  • Joseph Margolis: Cartesian Realism and the Rebirth of Pragmatism