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Prof. Dr. Mike Sandbothe


The following sections - containing only English publications - are constantly updated. A complete publications list, including publications in German and other languages, is available on the German version of sandbothe.net.


  1. The Temporalisation of Time. Basic Tendencies in Modern Debate on Time in Philosophy and Science, Lanham and New York: Rowman & Littlefield 2001. [more information]
  2. Co-ed.: The Pragmatic Turn in Philosophy. Contemporary Engagements Between Analytic and Continental Thought, New York: SUNY 2004. [more information]
  3. Pragmatic Media Philosophy. Foundations of a New Discipline in the Internet Age, sandbothe.net 2005 (German original appeared as "Pragmatische Medienphilosophie. Grundlegung einer neuen Disziplin im Zeitalter des Internet", Weilerswist: Velbrück Wissenschaft 2001). [more information and pdf download]
  4. Co-ed.: Richard Rorty - From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics, London and New York: Bloomsbury Press 2013.

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  1. Postmodernity as a Philosophical Concept, (together with Wolfgang Welsch) in: International Postmodernism: Theory and Literary Practice, ed. by Hans Bertens and Douwe Fokkema, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins, 1997, pp. 75-87.
  2. Media Temporalities in the Internet: Philosophy of Time and Media with Derrida and Rorty, in: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Vol. 4, No. 2, December 1998, Online-Journal: Annenberg School of Communication, University of Southern California. (short version in: The Paideia Project On-Line: Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy). [online text]
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  5. Media Temporalities in the Internet. Philosophies of Time and Media with Derrida and Rorty (reworked and extended version), in: Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication. A special issue of AI & Society, Vol. 14, No. 1, ed. by Charles Ess and Fay Sudweeks, London, Springer, 2000, pp. 421-434. [online text]
  6. Interactivity-Hypertextuality-Transversality. A media-philosophical analysis of the Internet, in: Hermes. Journal of Linguistics, Vol. 24, ed. by Carlo Grevy, February 2000, S. 81-108. [online text]
  7. Linear and Dimensioned Time: A Basic Problem in Modern Philosophy of Time, sandbothe.net 2003. [online text]
  8. The Pragmatic Twist of the Linguistic Turn, in: The Pragmatic Turn in Philosophy, ed. by William Egginton und Mike Sandbothe, New York, SUNY, 2004, pp. 67-92. [online text]
  9. Introduction, in: The Pragmatic Turn in Philosophy, ed. by William Egginton und Mike Sandbothe, New York, SUNY, 2004, pp. 1-10. [online text]
  10. Davidson and Rorty on Truth, in: A House Divided: Comparing Analytic and Continental Philosophers, ed. by Carlos G. Prado, Amherst (N.Y.), Humanities Press, 2003, pp.235-258. [online text]
    Volume reviewed in: The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Vol 18, no. 1 (2004) [online text] and in: Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2004. [online text]
  11. Media Temporalities in the Internet (in Persian), translated by Mahdiye Tavakol, in: Ettelaat Hekmat va Marefat, Vol 4, Jun 2007. [online text]
  12. Introduction into Pragmatic Media Philosophy (in Persian), translated by Mahdiye Mofidi, in: Tehran Emrooz, 2007. [online text]
  13. Introduction, in: Siegfried J. Schmidt, Histories & Discourses. Re-writing Constructivism, Exeter: Imprint Academic 2007, pp. 1-18.
  14. Media and Knowledge. Some Pragmatist Remarks about Media Philosophy within and beyond the Limits of Epistemology, sandbothe.net 2008; printed verrsion in: Nordicom Review. Nordic Research on Media and Communication, 4/2008, p. 93-101 (Slightly reworked translation of "Medien und Erkenntnis", sandbothe.net 2007). [online text]
  15. Habermas, Pragmatism, and the Media. An Interview with Mike Sandbothe, sandbothe.net 2008,  [online text] (German original in: Über Habermas. Gepräche mit Zeitgenossen, ed. by Michael Funken, Darmstadt: Primus 2008; Spanish translation: Habermas, el Pragmatismo y los Medios. Entrevista a Mike Sanbothe, in: Communicación. Estudios venezolanos de communicatilón, Nº. 146, 2009 , págs. 110-114. [online text]).
  16. From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics. An Overview, in: Richard Rorty - From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics, hrsg. von Alexander Gröschner, Colin Koopman und Mike Sandbothe, London und New York: Bloomsbury Press 2013.
  17. Preface, in: Richard Rorty - From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics, hrsg. von Alexander Gröschner, Colin Koopman und Mike Sandbothe, London und New York: Bloomsbury Press 2013.

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  1. NOMAD ACADEMY GOES HELSINKI, nomad-academy.org 2007.
  2. IMPRESSIONS OF LEONARDO DiCAPRIO'S 11th HOUR, bedeep.tv 2007.
  3. LOVE OPERA 1 - MY DEAREST, bedeep.tv 2007.
  4. LOVE OPERA 2 - THE CLOSET, bedeep.tv 2007.

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Secondary literature

  1. Jan Janzen: "Theories as Tools - Mike Sandbothe's Pragmatist Media Philosophy", sandbothe.net 2007 (German original: "Theorien zu Werkzeugen", in: Medientheorien. Eine philosophische Einführung, hrsg. von Alice Lagaay und David Lauer, Frankfurt a.M.: Campus 2004, S. 273-295).
  2. Mats Bergmann: "The New Wave of Pragmatism in Communication Research", in: Nordicom Review 2/2008 (pre-publication in: sandbothe.net 2007).
  3. Reinhard Margreiter: Medienphilosophie. Eine Einführung, Berlin: Parerga 2007 (espec. S. 201-207).

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